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Award winning Los Angeles Advertising and Entertainment Executive, Dani Golden, capitalizes on her experience including Marketing & Advertising for Lexus and FX Networks, and moves back to North County San Diego to create DAG & Associates.

DAG & Associates combines a SoCal vibe with a sexy, savvy sophistication. We’re original and unique. We cannot be defined or confined. We think outside the box, not because it’s the thing to do, but because it’s how we’re programmed to think. We’re creative by design, meaning that we are tenacious, hardworking, well organized individuals, who magically balance the account executive and creative roles when working with our clients.


DAG & Associates will work with you to intimately understand your business and brand, so that we can help connect the right ideas with the right environment.


We will take a deep dive into the ethos of your brand. We’ll break down all the facets and simplify them to create a smooth, seamless and efficient process.


Developing business while investing in your marketing is not only good economics, but is also a means of enhancing your brand awareness and furthering your reach.

Dani's new book explores competition in our society and how it affects us on a daily basis.


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